November 21, 2009


Unearthed evidence of a season passing, found on a leaf stroll in Gig Harbor. Me thinks I've watched too many NCIS shows. I don't watch much TV but for some reason (or reasons) I have a true NCIS addiction. There. It's out. I've confessed. Crime solving by funny characters, one of my weaknesses.

At this point, in this age of endless reruns, it is possible to overdue. And we (I say we because my husband and I share the addiction) do seem to be exhibiting some things I suspect are early signs of "overdue". I'm not naming them individually but...the leaves above were almost scooped up so they could be tested for soils of origin, possible poisons and DNA. Good thing I have a day job to force me to stay in the real world! Most of the time.

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