July 18, 2009

Seattle Reflection

There are so many buildings in Seattle that try to reach out and grab my camera. This ones reflection danced as we walked by. Reminded me of folks dancing at concerts in the 60's. An interesting thing about living in WA all these years; there is VERY LITTLE movement at seated concerts. Not feet, heads, arms, shoulders...nothing. Drives me crazy since my body loves to keep time. And dancing, loved doing it and love watching it. When we went to Seattle to see River Dance years ago, the audience was stone still. How in the WORLD can you sit still through River Dance? Really! All that drumming, tapping, leaping and clapping. It was finally too much for me and my feet started working at hyper-speed down there in the dark. It requires skill to tap like mad in a seated position while not moving the upper half of your body by the way. Oh well, at least Seattle's buildings feel the beat.

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