July 10, 2009

Dining at Wright Park

My friend Sandy and I met for one of our lunch hour strolls through Wright Park Conservatory this week, followed by lunch from a table with a view. (See above) Not bad eh? Too make it even more special, Sandy turned our little picnic table into the most lovely surprise. As I brought out the contents of my lunch sack it took on a new level of fruity beauty. Sitting atop her prized rosy transfer ware and table cloth this seasons bounty looked right at home. I dabbed my mouth with the cloth napkin and munched on the dessert she thoughtfully included, while being reminded once more what a gift Sandy has for making each moment special. Thanks Sandy, it was perfect and you are a dear friend. Below are a few of the things we saw blooming this month.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Chris, your photos are beautiful. You make our little lunch time fun sound every bit as dear as it was. Always so special to see you! What great memories I have of all our fun days spent in each others company. You are a wonder. Thanks for sharing. Love, Sandy

patticalvert said...

Gee Whiz, Chris who knew you were so productive & artistic - This is a great site - I love the photos & fibers & all the witty writing - I should be inspired to do more to my site but it is summer & I am lazy - Love you - Patti

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