July 9, 2009

Happy Sailing

Last week I spent Tuesday running around University of Washington medical center in Seattle. It is large place and like so many of it's kind, where wings are added on at later dates, it can get confusing getting from appt to appt. I promised myself once free of the place I would TRY to get to the Seattle to Bremerton Ferry to get back home, rather than dealing with more confusion on Interstate 5.

I was so caught up in getting across town to catch the ferry, I spaced on what an absolutely amazingly beautiful day it had become. A stunner in fact. My triple gift was a short ferry wait, parking by the rail once on the ferry with the best water view of Mount Rainier I can remember and then arriving all restored.

At 14,000 plus feet Mt. Rainier has the magical ability to vanish behind clouds and/or haze on many days. Not that day. The one hour ferry journey was too good. My camera battery coughed it's last cough just as the ferry pulled into Bremerton. Timing is everything. Above is one of the sights. I'll post a few more later. Happy Sailing!

PS...That is another WA State ferry way off in the distance to the left of the sail boat.

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