June 11, 2009


Flowers are like some people.

Opening more slowly to the world around them.

But worth the wait.

Wright Park hot house in Tacoma, WA. Enjoy!


Basket gal said...

How did you do this? Did you go back several days in a row or did this happen during a long lunch? Beautiful!

Basket gal said...

Duh...take photos of different flowers at different stages on the same plant. I should never post a comment after being in the sun and garden too long...the brain cells don't connect right away! (Maybe I open up too much before thinking it through!)

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Yep, you got it right the second time out.
You're in safe territory with me. Those brain cell misfires have some interesting (read confused) things tumbling out of my mouth all the time. But you knew that...

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