April 15, 2009

Vitamin D Deprivation

I've said it before and yes, I'll say it again; if you end up anywhere near Tacoma, WA please do yourself a favor and go to the Chilhuly Glass museum. Like our weather, the look of it changes about every five minutes. Yesterday, I saw dark clouds and sunshine out my window at work. That combination makes wonderful reflections all over the museum grounds, so off I dashed on my lunch break. 

It was cold and windy but not a drop of rain fell while I raced around snapping this and that. Oddly there were very few people walking around. Usually, when we Northwest cave dwellers see any sign of sunshine, we are outdoors in droves acting giddy. Probably a side effect of Vitamin D deprivation.
The upper pool was empty so I assumed there were no water instillation's. When I stepped down to the second level where the horizon pool lives, bingo, a quicksilver bird flock appeared. 

There is another level, below this one, with a larger pool. It is drained and being dressed with a much larger and more expansive clear glass project. Give it a couple of days and get down there. I hope the same magical light awaits you. And me! 

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