April 19, 2009

Sunnycrest Nursery

Key Center, WA is the home of Sunnycrest Nursery. I admit it, they are my favorite nursery, owned by some of my favorite folks. They have a great variety of plants, healthy gardening supplies, florist services and a fun selection of gifts. And if all that isn't enough, they support the work of area artists. In a tiny community where retail space is limited, floor space even more so, providing local talent a place to shine tells you a lot about the owners. Biased, me, you bet!

I wandered down to Sunnycrest today for a splash of spring. I found it along with many of my favorite plants, now in bloom. Euphorbia is number two on my list, just under Maple trees and right before Hydrangeas. As you can see above, Euphorbias come in colors that almost sparkle after a long winter. Also included on my list of favorites is just about anything varigated, especially Geraniums. (click on the photo for a closer look) And scented Geraniums, oh my.

Glad I took the short drive to Sunnycrest. It was brimming with color and planting possiblities. And if you're a hand made basket lover, be sure and check out the BEAUTIFUL work of my dear friend, the Basket Gal. Yeah Spring!

1 comment:

Basket gal said...

Thanks again for the plug! You continue to be my biggest fan...thanks! I'm hoping to get to Sunnycrest soon.

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