April 18, 2009

More Tacoma Reverie

Since I seem to be waxing on about Tacoma and the Chilhuly Glass Museum, I thought I would put the building in better context with it's surroundings for you. This photo is taken from the entrance to the Washington State Historical Museum, another "must do" for your Tacoma visit. Smartly, the revitalization of downtown includes this walking bridge over the highway. Fun walk. If you look closely you can see two sections along the bridge that hold permanent glass exhibits.
The first section is the tunnel looking a bit like a box car. In reality, it houses an over head sea of Chilhuly glass pieces. As you walk through the glass is resting on a Plexiglas layer, each piece changing with the whim of the sun and clouds above it. Further along the walk, you pass through two walls of show cases. Each boxed section holds individual blown glass containers. Between the overhead show and the side show, all manner of shapes, sizes and colors are there for viewing. Truly a treat, even if you aren't a glass fan. The contrasts of artistry, sky, highway, architecture and city scape, make for a wonderful experience.

And since I have already confessed my inability to resist the variation urge, here is another. The hydrangeas and statue can be seen at Watson's Nursery in Puyallup. Marrying them with a little downtown Tacoma Chilhuly blown glass, seemed just the thing for this fine spring day. Hope something fresh and new has caught you up today. Enjoy!

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Basket gal said...

Beautiful photos! Chihuly is one of my favorite artists, too. Some of my favorite pieces are his basket series (no surprise there!).

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