October 20, 2008

Just Around the Bend

There are some days I would be grateful for the same strength, focus and spirit the tiger possesses. Tigers assess, take charge and effect change. Doesn't this striking fellow seem capable of taking charge? And yet he dwells, not out in the tall grass wild and free, but in a zoo. A good zoo as zoos go, but far from his traditional landscape and climate. Out of control it would seem.

This week has had some surprises; highs and lows. That's life. However, when possible, we can grab hold and raise the lows. Sometimes it requires a team to make the lift. For personal challenges our family and friends can be enough. Accomplishing broader change often needs the involvement of the whole tribe. Recently I have seen things in sore need of change along with interested and committed people working on solutions. I have also seen examples of projects completed following years of work by people who partnered, grabbed hold and took charge to make a difference. 

Seeing the positive results of big actions with your own eyes can renew your belief in possibilities of all sizes. It did mine, just when I needed it the most.

Learning from the tiger, maybe we have to first accept our limitations, hold the dream of change and take charge when the time is right. The tall grass may be just around the bend.

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