October 4, 2008

Catching Up

With the Fall season officially underway I may be cheating a bit including a Summer photo or two of Judy Collins here. We were lucky enough to have her visit our area a few weeks ago to be the headliner for the grand opening of the Chambers Bay Meadow. She put on a lovely concert while gracefully adapting to the evenings shifting weather conditions. 

Jonatha Brooke was the opening act and unfortunately bore the brunt of the wind and rain while hanging in there and giving a great performance. (More about Ms. Brooke at a later date.)

I've been a fan of Judy Collins for longer than I care to discuss at this early stage in our blogging relationship. I didn't gush or whistle that night, but it was pure delight to have the chance to hear her in person. The temptation to light a match at the conclusion of the concert was only over-ridden by the fact that I didn't have one. Drat. I was told later that the current version of this ritual is turning on a cell phone light and holding it up. Who knew?

No small feat hitting those high soprano notes at sixty-nine but she was right on the mark. And though I can't hold a match up here either, I can say Thank You, Judy... you are still amazing! 

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Anonymous said...

You have a picture of Judy Collins! You all get the great ones up there. (Jack Matthews, Sage to Meadow)

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