October 3, 2008

Sea Mist and Sunsets...

Hello and welcome to the bare beginnings of my blog. I suspect it will take me a few evenings to make friends with this, new to me, blogger system. As my software and posting comfort grows, I hope to exchange thoughts and enthusiasms with you.

As is true with many folks these days, photography is one of my favorite activities in my off work hours. Some of my photos can be found at my website, which I will post once I have figured out how. For now, I hope you enjoy this recent sunrise in WA with Mr. Rainier in the background. This was taken in September and the morning was amazing. Awfully glad I made myself get up and go to town that Saturday. As time permits I will be posting more photos.

Thanks for paying a visit to my new blog. 


hoodmara said...

Congratulations for joining the blogging world. Julio and I have been interested but not taken the time to try it out ourselves. Let us know how it goes!

MareBear said...

Love the Sea Mist and Sunset Image. This IS my first adventure into the blog world too!

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