October 27, 2012

Bears and Bunnies

One of my favorite annual environmental events has a side benefit. The building it is held in has a stage where tiny dancers, from the local dance class, perform midday. Each year a new group of brave little souls nervously find their way to center stage. As those first precious seconds pass, while waiting for the music to begin, their heads swivel right to the teacher behind the curtain, forward in search of family and then to the most likely dancer to remember all the steps.

This years class had stuffed bears and bunnies as partners to aid in conquering stage fright. As the music poured over the hundred or so audience members, each little dancer found their own personality driven dance path. Some charged ahead, others were a bit more contemplative and one found her inner giggle. Unity took two forms; pink tights and death grips on those stuffed animals. Each dancer was delightful and when the well earned applause began they shared a moment of shock driven suspended animation. They then scattered in the same manner they danced; some charged ahead, others lingered a bit and one buried her face in her bunny and giggled off, stage right.

Some days giggles and smiles are abundant. The day of our environmental event was one of 'em. It was a true treat to be there.


tiedyejudy said...

Gads! That took me back decades! I was one of those tiny dancers who had to overcome her terminal shyness to perform, but I did enjoy it for the few years I was taking lessons! Thanks for the memories...

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

I have the same reaction every year. They zap me back in time to those same early, gut wrenching, fearful moments in Mrs Penny's Dance School. Yes, "Terminal shyness". Well said. As I grew, so did my love for dancing, minus the tutu of course. Glad this took you back decades to a memory that ended with something you enjoyed too.

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