October 17, 2011


No opportunities for writing lately.
This gathering of letters will be my stand-in.
Yes...that will do for now. 


The Storyteller said...

Nice Blog, well written, well designed. I share your feelings.Keep it up.

Teresa Evangeline said...

I miss you, but understand. I trust all is well. Hope you're having a good week.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Storyteller and Teresa,
My apologies! I posted responses to your comments a week ago, but I now see they didn't show up. Drat.

Thank you for stopping by and spending some time here at seamist and sunsets. Nice to know there are others sharing the same feelings expressed here.
Many thanks,

I miss you too. Soon, hopefully, I will be catching up on your wonderful writing once more. It was my intention to do so last weekend.

Instead, by fluke, I found that creativeLive.com was broadcasting a three day photographic workshop up in Seattle for no cost while it was being shown live.

Rick Simmon did a great job and my weekend vanished. Whoosh. Good therapy, but now I have gear envy.

Hope all is wonderfully well with you and Buddy,

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