October 22, 2011

Common Ground

Though running at high speed the last couple of months, my trusty little Canon G11 camera is always within reach. It provides great opportunities for shifting into a calmer gear when needed. As the coming weeks lead into winter, things will slow a "bit" work wise, which means more energy for posting some evenings. And I can tell you, there are a LOT of images just waiting for their time on seamistandsunsets. 

This has been a wonderful spring/summer/fall for some of the local environmental events I participate in and others I've visited. Good weather days, good public involvement and a good deal of information shared with folks looking to make a healthy difference; one stream, one bird, one garden, one fish at time. Knowing that what we do individually impacts the world, gives us common ground. (No pun intended.) I have much of that captured in pixels and will be sharing it as time permits. They make me feel so very hopeful, these determined, hard working volunteers and committed professionals who move us forward. I'm honored to know many of them and to see the results of their efforts. 

So, a toast to those environmental volunteers, professionals and those of you hanging in here with me during my dry spells. I really appreciate your visits! 

Photo taken at one of our local antique malls, not out my kitchen window. :)


Basket gal said...

Beautifully written and wonderful photo. I just planted over 300 flower bulbs in the cold damp weather and kept saying to myself that it will be worth the pain in the spring, especially for the birds and butterflies. I call it planting happiness!! Everyone should get their yards certified as a wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Federation...very easy and fun to do:)

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Wow, it has been chilly. I doubt I would have the determination to stay with it through that last hundred or so blubs. Those hearty Nordic genes of yours must have kicked in. Those birds and butterflies will be thanking you with their visits in no time.

And yeah to that Wildlife Habitat certification. Your good stewardship is upping the bio-diversity counts.
Hope this finds you enjoying falls look about the land.
Hugs and love,

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