August 6, 2011

The Urge to Protect

There are times 
when the temptation to reach out 
and steady those we love, 
wing tip to wing tip, 
can be overwhelming. 

Assist them 
in avoiding harm 
without disruption 
of freedom and zest.

To protect. 

The risk, 
of throwing balance 
off its ever shifting perfect point, 
resides in the wing touch. 

The challenge is 
to step away. 

Be the spotter. 

Enjoy the show. 

And, be able to see what’s coming 
in time to roll out of harms way,
not into it. 
Of course this only works
if you are present.


A week ago today, while dashing for a runaway grocery cart, my husband tripped. Unfortunately his forehead made very hard contact with the cart handle, rearranging things a bit, before he hit the pavement. Others nearby gathered calling 911, providing support, a wet towel for pressure, ice pack and monitoring his situation until members of the Gig Harbor Fire Department arrived. 

When I got there he was ready for transport to the hospital where a great doctor and team masterfully stitched my guy back together again. He is now doing well; sporting a look that goes perfectly with his well honed pirate AARRRGGG. Wallace Beery aka Long John Silver of “Treasure Island” fame, would be proud. 

We are so very grateful for all who, without knowing Rick, didn’t hesitate to provide quick thinking and kind support to someone in need. May that kindness be returned to you tenfold. 


Teresa Evangeline said...

Thanks for sharing this, Chris. It sounds a bit harrowing. So glad he's at home and doing better. Your poem is a lovely testament to how we can approach situations involving others.

tiedyejudy said...

So glad to hear your guy is going to be okay, and a lovely story of hands reaching out to help!

Basket gal said...

I am glad Rick is ok and it was nice to talk to him:) Also, you have brought new meaning to "phone home"! Take care and have a nice week.

Chris said...

Thanks Teresa,
It was interesting day. He is doing really well now. Hope you had a great week and the temps have leveled a bit your way.

Hi Judy,
He is doing much better. And yes, the folks who gathered to help him were great. It was heartwarming at a time when it seems so many fear helping strangers.

Hi BG,
He loved getting the call. And it was great catching up again. Hope your week of preparation went well.

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