August 16, 2011

It Might Surprise You

It seems my camera just isn't happy 
without tracking down a few reflections each month. 
This one was taken in a place that might surprise you. 
I'll let you think about it for a bit.

(August 20th addition: The photo above was taken in one of the holding pools at the local wastewater treatment plant. They have recently gone through a huge renovation with numerous positive outcomes which benefit local waters.)


jackie said...

I can't work it out;I can see a book spine in there, but that's my imagination. Sometimes it gets me down, flitting from inspiration to new inspiration. I have started making notes to try to keep track. I think you are too kind to those ungrateful downloaders! A lovely calming blog.

Chris said...

Hi Jackie,
Thanks for stopping in. Book spine, interesting, I see it too, now that you point it out.

Can't tell you how many times I have started to keep notes and then dropped the ball. It needs to happen quickly for my own ideas as they seem determined to vanish as quickly as they arrive. Memory. Sheesh.

Glad you found the blog calming. Yours does the same thing for me.
Many thanks,

Teresa Evangeline said...

I'm crying Uncle! A beautiful photo, though. I like reflections.

Chris said...

Hi Teresa,
Thanks so much. As I was taking photos at this site it kept hitting me that none were reflecting the true nature of what I was shooting. As you will see at the newly added footnote, that is a good thing. So much of life is perception and reflection, yes?

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