August 6, 2010

Port Orchard Marina

This is part of the marina in the town of Port Orchard, another favorite place to take the camera out for a water stroll. I've posted images of many places along the Port Orchard shoreline over time. There are more areas of accessible still water woven throughout their marinas. Always a fun place to catch reflections and activity. And another Happy Friday to you!


Basket gal said...

Happy Friday to you, too! We went to the Port Orchard Farms market a handful of times this year and enjoyed the park on the waterfront. It is very pretty and I agree relaxing.

Basket gal said...

Oops I meant Farmer's Market!

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

If memory serves, that was the first farmers market in western Washington. It was originally downtown on one of the side streets with just a few booths. Happily it has grown dramatically, as have the others in our region. Good stuff, that.

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