August 7, 2010

Horseshoe Lake Marsh Area

In keeping with the reflective theme, but jumping seasons, here is a marsh area in an off channel of Horseshoe Lake. An image made last fall. It's a nice quiet area. Years and years ago a family of beavers dwelled near here. No more. When bigger homes began to develop around the lake the beavers either picked up stakes and headed for a better neighborhood, or...  I've always hoped the answer is the former and not the latter. 


Teresa Evangeline said...

Beautiful photo. I hope those beaver found another home, in a better neighborhood.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

I hope so too Teresa. There aren't many other neighborhood options in any reasonable distance without crossing many roads.

swamericana said...

Jeez! Don't you ever take any bad photos? I'm sure those beavers sensed a change and moved away. You have a priceless photo there. How can we stop the extinction of these habitats?

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Oh Jack, you bet, I take gobs of bad ones. There have been many thousands of photos taken by my little cameras in the last few years. I'm bound to catch a few that work along the way. And happily the newer of the cameras has the "image stabilization" feature. I shake more now and that feature really helps.

I lean toward beaver migration as well. Not sure how long the area in this photo will look this way. It is protected on one side by lake, one side by a property owner that has chosen not to disturb it. On the third side there is a home and lawn running down to its edge which has only been there four or so years. That will impact it's health over time. Last, and highest on the list of impacts...the fourth side is five feet from a paved road.

This is rainy WA and surface water runs off both sides of the road in heavy rains. The other side has a continuation of this water body. I keep my fingers crossed and eyes open for anything looking "off". So far, this spot is doing OK.

What can we creative, protect what we can, restore where possible, raise awareness, encourage folks to LOOK at what is around them in order to form a bond if that bond is missing, and on and on. All the things dear friend that YOU are doing already.

I worry too and hope to keep having some of these little opportunities to stop time in images. Always hopeful that seeing the images makes the environment more personal and triggers interest in folks who have gotten distracted along the way. Apologies for any typo's. Afraid I'm rushing. Again.

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