December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays to You!


Jack Matthews said...

Happy Holidays to you! Beautiful card you have for the season.

ProfGeo said...

Compliments of the Season!

(You may be aware that this is, among other things, the title of an O. Henry story. I did not know that.)

Basket gal said...

Ho! Ho! Ho! I LOVE your card! Thinking of you always!

Lucy said...

I know this is daft but I clicked on the 'Next Blog' button and decided to wish whoever came up a 'Happy New Year'. This is where I landed so . . . well . . . Happy New Year!

Lucy Corrander

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thanks so much for the kind comments. The little card sat for the longest time, half finished. The last pieces finally came together but none too soon! The best to you! Chris

Prof Geo,
Hah, you did sneak Compliments of the Season in! And Happy Holidays to you too my friend. I didn't know that was an O' Henry story title. You've given me something fun to look into. Hugs to you and your other half. Chris (The SLIGHTLY shorter one.)

Basket Gal,
Thinking of you too and sending you wishes for good health and another golden gardening year. Hugs, Chris

Thanks for stopping by. You were in good company here with Jack, Geo and the Gal.

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