December 10, 2009

Summer Color for a Winter's Day

A bit of summer color for a winter's day. And winter it is here in Western Washington where our morning temps have been in the teens. A tad farther south in Olympia, friends have been waking to numbers like 8 and 9. Burrrrrrr. What a difference a little distance and height make. We have risen in Taos, NM on days with similar temps or lower and marveled at how it feels warmer than it should. Add a bit of wind and NW humidity and those temps make my bones bark.

Why, I believe I'm whining. Hmm. Revised version. Though our winter temps have been dipping, what a delight to live where enough rain falls to lessen drought worries and keep the area green year round. We are truly lucky to be here. How am I doing? Hope you are getting all the things your area needs at this time, where ever You are. Enjoy!


Marcine said...

I know I am going to enjoy keeping up with your thoughts through this blog.And of course your photos are always awesome. I truly miss those Taos mornings with the smell of pinon wafting through the early morning air. And remember, it was Taos that brought us together.
Much love,

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

So happy you found the blog. You and John were synonymous with the magic created by and in Taos. And I am (no we are) so grateful for timing. When we could go, you were there and friendships were born.
Wishing you many more pinon memory moments. I can smell them too.

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