August 16, 2009

Lurking Behind the Glass Museum

What lurks behind that glass museum I'm always going on about is this. As you descend the ramp below the cone, one of Tacoma's waterways is revealed. A few more steps and you realize right below you is a promenade and large pool. It is the sight of rotating glass installations. I've been trying to get back here since the day I happened on the actual installation. It's interesting from above, but...

oh my gosh, when you stand on the other side of it, looking back at the hill across the water and up it's, well, it's wonderful. That contrast between the soft curving clear glass and the architecture makes a kind of cool flaming magic.

And with a quarter turn to the left,
another interesting contrast engulfs your senses.

The only thing missing is experiencing this at night. The whole piece is cleverly lit but I have yet to be in town late enough to see it. I'm not sure how long the instillation will be in place but I hope to catch it at sunset one evening. Well see.

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