August 22, 2009


I was hanging out at the Port Orchard Yacht Club dock a couple of Sunday mornings ago. It was cloudy and fun light for making pictures. Seems when the weather is good I can't stay away from water reflections.

Not much wind and no boat traffic so the water around the boat barns was glassy still. Actually the whole area was quiet.

Farther out at a near by dock sat the Mad Jack II. After much camera clicking I gave one good Aaarrrggghhhh to the Mad Jack before departing. I'm guessing the folks watching from inside the Yacht Club were thinking, be on yer way matie.

Knowing what the Northwest summer looks like from the waters edge on a gray day is nothing like seeing it from the perspective of my friend at Family Fusion. Be sure and check out her garden!

Also, if you are thinking about northern CA or Portland, Oregon travel, check out Art Spirit's site for some wonderful trip pics.

And finally...if you need a little mood shift try THIS. It has a slight blip at the beginning but hey, whats a blip between friends.

Oh and I keep forgetting, if you have any interest in my other dabblings those can be found at Sea Mist Studio right next door. Come on by.

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