November 17, 2008

Do You See Dancing?

I hope time isn't real in the land of blog because I seem to be hopping all over the place in my posts. Jumping forward and back, forward and back. Case in point; two or three weeks ago, at the same time I was recording fall at Wright Park in Tacoma, all the flowers below were making a final curtain call in the little greenhouse up on Wright Park hill. Well, to call it a simple green house isn't fair to its history or the folks who have loved and tended it for 100 years. Yes, 100. The thriving hot house is actually the W W Seymour Botanical Conservatory. And the "park" is Wright Park Arboretum which encompasses 26 acres and 10 city blocks. It was at its beginning and is a most generous gift to the public, with the first 20 acres donated by Mr. Wright in 1886. If you will click on the Parks link, there is a good breakdown of her history and tenders.

The conservatory, though not very big, has an amazing collection of wonderful old plants with rotating skirts of beautiful flowers. So, while shuffling through the fall leaves that day, I stopped in to see what was happening in the glass flower house on the hill. From the moment I walked in I had, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy playing in my head. I apologize in advance since you won't find the individual names of the Chrysanthemums I saw dance the Nutcracker that day, but I swear they did. That or I walked too far without a water break. Take a look and let me know if you hear and see the same thing? What I do know is this; there are Chrysanthemums and then there are CHRYSANTHEMUMS!

If you enjoyed this trip to the Conservatory, be sure and check back in a few weeks. In celebration of their 100th Anniversary, the Conservatories color, mid Nov 08 thru Feb 09, will come from the imagination of Dale Chilhuly and his hot shop glass team. Closed on Mondays, I only got a peek at lunch today, but it was enough to get me back there soon.

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