November 9, 2008

ArtFiberFest - A Wonderful Oct Gathering

I am so grateful to have attended ArtFiberFest (AFF) in Port Townsend, WA a few times. It is the most fun gathering of kind, fun, fiber loving folks you can imagine. It is an annual gathering created by Teesha Moore and hosted by she and her family, at Fort Worden most recently. That location and time of year are likely to change for 2009. Teesha also creates magic with another annual gathering called Artfest. Both are wonderful, but the smaller fabric related event has become my favorite. The smaller crowd, fiber focus and calm group are a better fit as I step away from my day job for those three days of creative immersion. The biggest challenge each year comes with signing up. Choosing which workshops to register for from the collection of good instructors is hard! 

But the best thing about ArtFiberFest and Teesha's other achievements is the good intention that serves as her creative starting point. She provides the opportunity for growth in others and it all comes straight from her heart. And while attending any of her gatherings, that intention is palpable and contagious. Good begets good and from there the fun begins. So, to Teesha and her family of artists, I thank you again and again for these many years of exploration and expansion. It's a priceless gift you have given to each of us.

Below is a small collection of photos from AFF. I hope (newer to blogging so still working out the details) if you click on this image the version you see will be considerably bigger. I hesitate to use peoples entire names in print so for now I'll try to identify what you see using first names when known. Some of the photos were taken on the last night, which is a show of projects created during the workshops. 

L to R from the top, 1st row... nuno scarf by Sheri, painted fabric by Syd, felted vulture by Mary, felted jewelry by Sarah. 2nd row... 204 building, campus leaves, graffiti cloth by Heather, hard at work in Mary's class are Anita and ? with Mary's work on the wall in the background. 3rd row... Fort Worden lighthouse, Chris and Wanda's nuno scarves in the making, the commons on show and tell night, the road to Port Townsend. 4th row... more from the road to PT, Mary in sunlit concentration (altered), graffiti cloth by Sharon, nuno scarves by Rachael, 204 building and at the base, nuno scarf by Anita. If I have misnamed anybody please let me know.

Hope to see you all again next year!

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art spirit said...

Chris, Love your blog and all the wonderful peaceful and inspiring..(like you) glad we got to spend a day together at Artfiberfest felting!

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