September 2, 2012

Let the Rain Kiss You

Let the rain kiss you. 
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. 
Let the rain sing you a lullaby. 
                                                                                                      Langston Hughes

Though we are waiting for the rains to return, their spring visits gifted us with leaves aplenty. The air is taking on the scent of summers final days and our favorite season of color is coming. Sending you wishes for an autumn of color and replenishment. Pumpkins too!


Teresa Evangeline said...

I was thinking of you last night, and here you are. So good to hear from you and see another of your beautiful images.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thanks T,
I must have gotten your message to get to posting. :) Hope all has been well with you and the passing season? Will check in soon.

Things will pick-up here once Septembers schedule turns to October. Summer and fall are a bit crazy schedule wise, as usual.

Mhie Recio said...

wow, great photography.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thank you Mhie, so glad you enjoyed them. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and look around the site. All the best,

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