July 4, 2012

Keeping Company with the Garden Hose

I hope this fourth of July finds you enjoying the holiday with family, friends, a good bite to eat and fond memories of celebrations past. By tradition, Rick and I will be home keeping company with the garden hose. 

There are many towns/cities in the region who have, smartly to my way of thinking, established laws against private fireworks. Ultimately it means the unincorporated areas of the counties, where we live, have become fireworks destinations. We have always had a pretty large contingent of folks who enjoy setting them off around the lake, but things have stepped up this year and they have been blasting away for almost two weeks now, late into the night. Gratefully it has not been overly dry here, as in other states. However, bottle rockets, M80's and all manner of other flying debris has found it's way to our property and roof in the past, so we try to be patient and watchful. And trees like to burn. Ask Smokey.

What I do love are the large shows (read controlled and safe) that fill the skies with bursts of raining beauty. Both Seattle and Tacoma hold such events which are televised. I'll be watching.

In the mean time, we send you wishes for a lovely Fourth of July. And the hope for safe and sane practices, especially in those areas so very fire prone this year. 


Giggybaskets said...

Happy Fourth of July to you, too! We will be doing the same as you guys! I wish all personal fireworks would be banned, especially when we watch all the wildfires across the country. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog lately! I enjoy reading your lovely and thoughtful posts! Xoxo

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thanks Giggy,
The time off was a treat but yep, I sure would have made more sense at work if sleeping had been possible over the holiday.
Hugs to you folks,

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