June 18, 2012

China Alley

In the little California town where I grew up, there is a small area referred to as "China Town". Not a unique title, especially throughout the towns of the San Joaquin Valley and beyond, where many Asian communities settled at the turn of the last century, while working hard to survive and adapt to a new land. 

Many of the buildings they constructed; temples, businesses and homes remain, spanning a few blocks. In some areas, only bits of the buildings bear any outward resemblance to their origins. However, along "China Alley", much has been protected and strengthened where needed. California is, after all, the land of earthquakes.

"China Alley's" board and brick structures have interesting tales to tell. Especially just before sunrise. It is no longer a bustling place in the full light of day. But, in those cloaked predawn moments, it seems almost possible her doors will swing wide at day break and another work day will begin.

"China Alley" holds on, with the help and commitment of people who believe her history, and theirs, is worth saving. Even when the determined earth attempts to have it's way.


Teresa Evangeline said...

I can't believe I missed this, and doors, too! I do love doors, and old buildings. Nice photos, Chris. I hope you're well. Hope you have a happy summer, as well.

Chris said...

Hi Teresa,
Ah, those doors would wait for you, no matter the time. It is one of their endearing qualities, yes? They stand firmly in wait for those moments when we happen by to open them or simply ponder who may have passed through before.

Now that would be the next best treat, to have been able to go inside the buildings, in the pre-dawn quiet, to shoot at will. No such luck. This area had tunnels/dens under ground as well and if memory serves there was a time when small tours were given.

Thanks so for stopping by dear one. All is well and I'm slowly but surely settling into a workable pace for the summer months. Come fall things will begin to swirl faster once more. Like the other animals, I am storing up for the season to come.

Hope this finds you well, as well. :)
Hugs, Chris

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