May 19, 2012

Another Sunday Dawning

I thought you might be interested in seeing what kind of activity can occur on the Puget Sound early on a Sunday morning. The image was taken two weeks ago from the moorage area in the Town of Manchester with the City of Seattle showing in the background.

I have posted photos taken from this same location at other times. Though the Seattle skyline doesn't change noticeably, everything else does; light, wildlife, ships, people, weather and mood. Turning sharply to my right was another tanker, which I will post later. 

There is something quite eerie about standing on a small floating marina walkway taking photos of moving ships which appear as large or larger than the skyline in the distance. Unsettling. It seems I never get used to it. If in search of a way to feel quite small, this spot will do it. 

Another Sunday dawning at Manchester is only hours away. 


Teresa Evangeline said...

Wonderful photo and words to accompany it. I recall seeing an ocean liner in port at Portland, Maine, and how immense it was. And that probably was a smaller one. I can't do floating marina walkways. Motion sickness kicks in. So this was quite evocative for me all the way around. :)

Happy Sunday!

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

And Happy Sunday to you too dear one,
Those ocean liners have only been allowed to pull up to Seattle for a few years now. I agree, they are immense and some seem perched on such small bases it seems they shouldn't be able to float.

I'm with you on the floating marina walkways and have had more failed attempts than successes. Still water, slow, slow steps and holding on to each anchor post is the method used. Anyone catching sight of my process, no doubt, thinks me crazy.

This time I arrived at my photo spot at the same time small, constant waves from the tanker arrived on shore. I rode the bouncing walkway, frozen in place until I could turn and head back to the stairs, sans wobbly legs.

Silly. But, chasing angles and reflections often pushes me beyond comfort zones I would turn away from otherwise. And more silly yet...even writing about it has my palms damp.

Hugs, Chris

Teresa Evangeline said...

I have a story about a similar incident that I will relate perhaps in a future blog. I can see it all....:)

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Almost went back down there this morning and then decided to stay put. Grounded. I look forward to hearing about your adventure.

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