April 21, 2012

April !!!

April !   Really ?
This first quarter-plus of 2012 seems to have vanished in a haze of schedules and obligations. If I remember correctly, last year at this time I was stunned by times speed as well. Hmm, a trend?

Spring growth is moving from vibrant color to black/white and back again at this pace. But oh, when I get a moment to STOP, the colors are there and so beautiful. I'll be catching a few of them in the next few weeks for posting. 

The season has begun for our local environmental events and that usually means a few opportunities for making images. Area colors will appear. Until then, maybe this can be our reminder of spring renewal.

Sunshine and Peace to you on this Earth Day weekend and always.


tiedyejudy said...

Hah! I knew you'd show up sooner or later! Hope to see lots more beautiful pix in the coming months! Happy Spring...

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy!,
Thanks so much for hanging in there with me. Hope things are going great for you in 2012. A short visit to my home town next week will hopefully provide some of those pix. No seamist there but the sunsets hold promise.
Happy spring to you too,

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