June 27, 2010

Red Barn Mornings

Since returning from the Palouse farm lands of eastern WA a few weeks ago, we have seen little sun over here on the west side of the Cascade mountain range. The few days that have begun with dancing light have become "red barn mornings" for me. The photo above, like some others in my collection of Palouse images are graced with red barns. Early morning light on red paint is so fun to encounter when rounding the bend. It jumps. And there are many, many bends in the Palouse. 

I had hoped to share more images of the Palouse with you today but errands, chores and pesky muscles took the lead. Yesterday was our annual educational beach walk at one of the local State Parks known as Kopachuck. It is a great low tide classroom location, filled with enough accessible critters to delight young and old. Marine Biologist Alan Rammer was in good form and our crowd appeared to number about seventy-five. 

There were many local activities going on this weekend including the Gig Harbor Garden Tour that draws a thousand or more folks. We were pleased with our beach walk turn out, and those attending were more than pleased with Alan's information. Everyone leaves with a far better understanding of who lives below the water line and how to gently and respectfully interact with them. Possibly the greatest sign of success is the extent that folks will go to, at Kopachuck Park, in order to reach the talk. 

It is a VERY steep hill that needs traversing to reach those rocky shores. My rigid walking today is testimony to what a few trips up and down that hill can do to someone in less than great shape. And yet... one woman made the slow journey down and up with the assistance of canes. Another made the experience possible for her physically challenged daughter. Pushing, pulling and traversing that hill and the large downed logs at shores edge, with her special stroller. Her daughters grin said it all. She had a GREAT time. Never discount the power of determination and love.

I have two big THANKS needing attention, but they will have to wait a bit to do them justice. For now I simply want to say thank you so very much to Kittie at The Block and Jack at Sage to Meadow for your kind awards. Kitty, this thanks is LONG overdue and I really appreciate you helping me find the message I missed. You have both honored me with your kind and thoughtful observations, support and amazing blogs. Congratulations Jack on a year of blogging! I can't wait to catch up with both of you next weekend. My seasonal demands are beginning to slow and rumor has it there is a "three days off" stretch on it's way. 

Until then.... Endeavor!



Teresa Evangeline said...

I thought I'd left a comment on both of these photos, but apparently did not, so I have to say how much I like both of them. The red barn against the green is the stuff from which paintings are derived. And, that soft color reflected in the water in the lower photo, is just heavenly. Something about those colors....

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thanks Teresa,
Your comments are always so thoughtful and I really appreciate it. That tipping work boat in the bottom image was really weighted down. The original photo included all the bigger boats around as well, but cropping seemed to give the colors and reflections front seat. Ah that changing light we all love so very much.

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