March 21, 2010

Floating: That Between Place

Following a schedule heavy week, I could blend right in with these drifty cattle today. This small herd, photographed last summer in Sequim, WA, came to mind last night as I was drifting away, floating through past springs and summers. My last thought was of the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA where a summer visit guaranteed time in the sand in that "between place". Not asleep, not alert...but just right. 

In the distance, faint blended sounds of ocean and activity. Waves, laughter, roller coaster screaming, merry-go round organ music, vendors selling their goods, and the sun. I swear, even the sun had its own sound on days like that. And all along the beach, sun bathers with magical transistor radios were tuned to things like the Drifters newest hit... 

I'll return to the Silverdale, WA board walk (above) this spring and summer, to see how the seasonal colors vary from this winter version. Don't look for sun bathers on sandy shores here. However, it is still water with little noise to interrupt a mind in that "between place".


Basket gal said...

Beautiful photos and writing! I love the cows! I hope you can find more "between places" this week and that your job slows down a bit. Thinking of you!

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thanks BG. Thinking of you too, and what it must have taken to clean up all that broken glass you posted about. Things are settling down for a few days thankfully. Looking forward to a trip to Yosemite for a family wedding in April. Should be fun taking pictures as they marry at the foot of Yosemite Falls!

Teresa Evangeline said...

I Love your photo of the cows. I've always loved the song, "Under the Boardwalk."

Anonymous said...

Beach. Day and night. Always loved it, the waves and rhythm. Never farther north than Santa Monica. Would go down to beach with friends and they would swim. I would fall asleep under the umbrella. I went to the Gulf, near Galveston, at night with my wife and listened to the waves. Felt the warm wind from the Gulf and never wanted to leave that spot on the Gulf.

Kittie Howard said...

Love it! Those 'inbetween places' at the beach where one zones out and is neither here nor there...since Louisiana doesn't really have beaches, for me it would be the Mississippi Gulf Coast and, like Jack said, that deliciously warm breeze that comes off the Gulf...ahhhh...then, walking along the beach, gentle waves lapping...heaven! (Hope you're not working so hard, taking a break.)

Taos Sunflower said...

LOve your photos, as always, but especially "under the boardwalk".

Anonymous said...

Chris, I think you hit it just right: not asleep, not alert, just right. That's what I feel when I am at the coast. Primeval, deep-sounding. Helps me collect myself. That's why I need two homes: one here and one on the coast.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

I love that song too. Just makes you want to play in the sunshine. The sun was shining on those cows too, but in fact the wind was blowing like crazy. Always is up that area of NW Washington. Happy Travels!

Oh, thanks for reminding me of the ocean at night. Santa Monica I visited as a child with my grandparents. Nice area in the 50's but you really do need to get up that same coastline a bit farther. I'm thinking you and Brenda are due for a salt air trip this summer.

You and Jack are making me want to stay home under the blankets today and dream of warm gulf breezes. Hope to see the Southern and Eastern coasts someday.

Zoning out as you said, is the perfect way to describe that between place.

I thought you might enjoy the boardwalk reminders. Soon!

Primeval, yes. It is a centering place, the coast. Those restful thoughts are going to make me late for work. Better dash. Thank you Jack for all you do and all you write.

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