January 18, 2010

Refilling My Sails

I've been absent. Working on refilling my sails. Not quite there yet, so I'm blowing hot air into them until the natural flow of the winds return and take over. Some would argue I should stick with hot air blowing since mine seems to be limitless and always at the ready. Can't seem to shake loose of 2009's dramas which followed us into 2010. Not being fond of dramas, except those found in the pages of books, on the big screen or told around campfires, we will be happy to see ours settle down and take their leave. Sleeping will come more easily and evening writing energy will return.

This year past has given us much to be grateful for; significant health challenges for each of us followed by tense times are looking better (thank the gods we have insurance), job cuts, trims and changes occurred but we are not jobless (and understand we are very lucky). The list goes on but it's all boring and all too familiar no? It's everywhere in greater or lesser degrees; challenges to catastrophes. Like others, we deal with ill winds by standing ground and blowing back, in those times when we can't move forward. Not spitting into them of course since gratefully we haven't lost our senses...yet. You see the trend here? Lucky, lucky, lucky. Health, insurance, and jobs. Very lucky.

So many things serve to fill the sails of our metaphorical vessel; our love for each other, family, friends, you, past experiences, memories, dreams for the future, interests, and as always...gratefulness for being present in the NOW of our lives. Drinking it in, breathing deeply and sending thoughts of wellness, warmth and sustenance to all in need.


Basket gal said...

I'm blowing good wind your way! Hang in there!

doris said...

Hang in there, dear one. I'm blowing right with you.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Basket Gal and Doris,
THANKS you two! You've moved my little boat right along with your thoughts.

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